Diocese of Phoenix Cursillo Movement

Teams in Formation/Candidates

Men's English #929 

Jan 16-19, 2020 

Rector: Joe Fairlie, St. Thomas Aquinas

Co-Rector:  Jerry Pena, St. Thomas Aquinas

Co-Rector:  Freddie Sordia, Ss. Simon and Jude

Women's English #930

 Jan 30-Feb 2, 2020 

Rectora: Angela Fairlie, St. Thomas Aquinas

Co-Rectora:  Karla Keller, St. Thomas the Apostle

Co-Rectora:  Sharon Matson, St. Thomas More

Head Cook:  Maria Pena, St. Thomas Aquinas

Asst. Cook:  Tisa Williams, St. Mary Basilica

Ginger Baron, St. Gregory
Rhapsody Canepa, St. Joan of Arc
Sonia Cano, St. Thomas Aquinas
Bertie Chavez, St. Mary Basilica
Mary Coffman, St. Thomas the Apostle
Zelda Graham, St. Thomas the Apostle

Debbie Hobaica, St. Gregory
Madison Keller, St. Thomas the Apostle
Veronica Lucas, Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery
Sue Mazzalini, St. Thomas the Apostle
Terry McDonald, St. Anne
Marie Mendia, St. Andrew the Apostle
Emily Molina, Ss. Simon & Jude

Mitzi Moreno, St. Thomas the Apostle

Nereida Shipman, St. Andrew the Apostle
Maritza Sordia, Ss. Simon & Jude
Silvia Starrs, St. Andrew the Apostle
Darcine Zenuk, St. Anne

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