Diocese of Phoenix Cursillo Movement

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On Saturday morning, September 12th, we "Zoomed" our Annual Diocesan Ultreya.  Thanks to our Postcursillo Chair, Mick Kapancias (and his wife, Melissa) and Lay Director, Joe Fairlie (and his wife, Angela) we had a wonderful Spirit-filled morning, starting with Floating Group Reunion in breakout rooms, followed by an inspiring witness by Blessed Sacrament parishioner Butch Mara, and topped off with words of encouragement and a Blessing by Fr. Kilian McCaffrey.

Diocese of Phoenix Cursillo Weekends 

This is the tentative weekend schedule for 2021!  

Please note things could still change due to Covid-19 and weekend numbers will not be assigned until 

the Spanish and Flagstaff weekends are confirmed.

March 4-7       Men's English Weekend (Mt. Claret)POSTPONED

March 18-21   Women's English Weekend (Mt. Claret) POSTPONED

June 3-6         Men's English Weekend (Mt. Claret)

June 17-20     Women's English Weekend (Mt. Claret)

Nov. 4-7         Men's English Weekend (Mt. Claret)

Nov. 18-21     Women's English Weekend (Mt. Claret)

Other Important Dates for 2021

Feb. 13 Lenten Retreat 

April 24 Cena De Colores

Aug. 14 Parish Representative Workshop

Sept. 18 Diocesan ULTREYA