Diocese of Phoenix Cursillo Movement

Teams in Formation/Candidates

These teams were in formation before the COVID-19 postponement. 

Women's English (Flagstaff)

Postponed - date and number to be determined this summer

Rectora:  Cathy Allen

Co-Rectora:  Cherryl Whitson 
Head Cook:  Mary Margaret Johnson 
Anita Caro
Tina Valek
Amanda Dominguez
Allegra Dorotheo
Missy Heal
Deborah Holbrook
Kelly Campbell
Lupe Woodson

Men's English #TBD (Mt. Claret)

October 22-25, 2020

Rector:  Eugene Jarzab, Holy Spirit

Co-Rector:  Nick Bellizzi, St. Tim

Co-Rector:  John Hoburg, St. Tim

Head Cook:  Ed Fischer, St. Luke

Nick Balderrama, St. John Vianney
Ted Boyle, Blessed Sacrament, Sctsd
Tom Burba, All Saints
Juan Camacho, Mater Misericordiae
Nick Canepa, St. Joan of Arc
Carlos Cano,  St. Thomas Aquinas
Bob Delogu, Holy Family / Miles Jesu
James Diaz, Our Lady of Mt Carmel
Frank Dzielak, St. Paul
Tom Harvey, St. Mary Magdelene
Paul Hobaica, St. Gregory
Mick Kapanicas, Blessed Sacrament, Scts
Edward Madrid, St. Anne
Micheal McManus, St. James
Richard Miller, St. Thomas More
Howard Peterson, Blessed Sacrament, Scts
Steven Rodriguez, St. Thomas Aquinas
Dave Thorman, All Saints

Women's English #TBD (Mt. Claret)

November 5-8, 2020

Rectora: Jean Polando, St. Timothy

Co-Rectora: Dolores Barcelo, St. Anne 

& St. George

Co-Rectora:  Terra Masias, St. Benedict
Head Cook:  Cindy Garcia, St. Mary
Asst. Cook:  Mary Dozbaba, St. Benedict

Asst. Cook:  Clarissa Mendibles
Joanne Bahr, St. Philip Benizi & 

St. Michael the Archangel
Barbara Brainard, St. Bernadette
Debra Buckingham, St. Andrew the Apostle

Patricia Caraveo, Holy Cross
Estella Castillo, St. George
Evelyn Cota, St. Mary
Geri Desmond, Resurrection
Marilyn Garcia, St.Andrew the Apostle

Martha Garcia, All Saints
Chona Guang, Corpus Christi
Connie Gutierrez, Queen of Peace
Naomi Gutierrez, Queen of Peace
Oryia Husak, All Saints
Toni Marine, St. Timothy
Rita North, St. Timothy
Karina Penaloza, St. Andrew the Apostle
Pat Phillips, St. Timothy
Ann Sanchez, St. Timothy
Pat Sandoval, St. Timothy
Shannon Scullin, Holy Spirit
Gail Smith, St. Andrew the Apostle
Lorna Stanley, Holy Spirit
Diane Street-Speck, Our Lady of Grace, Maricopa
Starlyn Yarbough-Post, Our Lady of the Angels