Diocese of Phoenix Cursillo Movement
Photo courtesy of Tim Murphy

                    In Need of our Prayers

Please pray for these intentions . . .

  . . . and add your intentions in the form below.

Please pray for those below, who suffer from illness or for their special intentions. An asterisk indicates COVID-19.

Becky Calderon, #636, St. Timothy

Constance, daughter of Greg Thirkhill, #940

Dora McKinn, #922, cousin of Evelyn Cota

*David Mendoza, friend of Angela Fairlie

Carol Zarycki, sister-in-law of Betty Coco

Ben Wheat, nephew of Jean Polando

Jose Rito Salinas, OLPH Glendale

Alice Trujillo Hayden

*Joe Armenta, brother of Sr. Lydia

*Manny Yrique, Dee Yrique, Antonio Yrique

*Fr. Alberto M Ruiz, CMF

Sr. Cecelia Schlaefer, CSA

*Continued prayers for Steve Nosal who is still recovering from a serious bout of COVID

Jimmy Reyes, father-in-law of Peggy Romero-Reyes

Jacquie Lyons, 1992

Prayer and Information Requests

Prayer Requests and 5th day notices: Please leave requests in the form below with as much info as you are able - name of person, parish, and perhaps how you are related or the date the person entered their 5th day. We will be updating the prayer requests weekly on the website unless you request that it not be shared. It is possible you will receive a return email for more information.

                                                            It would be very helpful if you would update your requests every few weeks!

Requests for other information will be routed to the appropriate Secretariat member. Alternatively, you may send private emails to the addresses for each member as listed on the Secretariat Page.