Diocese of Phoenix Cursillo Movement

Your English Secretariat

2024 Secretariat Elections Results

Voting results are in!!!  I would like to reach out to our new members of the Diocese of Phoenix English Secretariat and give them a big congratulations! Our new members are Sharon Matson, Secretary; Ted Cruz, Postcursillo; and Bart Blaylock, Precursillo.

Thank you for saying yes to this call and we welcome you onboard. I am very excited to get to know you all, and look forward to working side by side with each one of you. We have a lot to accomplish, this coming year and I know we will achieve our goals.


  I also would like to say thank you to our outgoing members, Tisa Williams, outgoing Secretary;  Veronica Lucas, outgoing Postcursillo Chair, and Terry McDonald, outgoing Precursillo Chair. I would like to also give great big thanks to another outgoing person who is a huge part of the Secretariat behind the scenes, Cecelia Dusold. Cecelia is our Communications person, and she helps all the Chairs. It has been an honor and a privilege to work with all of you in my two years as a Lay Director.   


  This Secretariat has worked hard to achieve and maintain all that we do. Each chair has many responsibilities and we have worked to ensure that we have accomplished our goals. As a team we have grown strong together and we have all been supportive of each other. Thank you again!


  As for the community, thank you for supporting us and providing your input in our voting process, we appreciate all that you do in supporting this movement. I ask the community to keep us in your prayers and if you need any of us, please do not hesitate to call if you have a concern, or a question. I would also like to encourage you to join us by volunteering to help our new members or join a committee, we would love to have you!


De Colores!  Carmela Gonzales, Lay Director

Spiritual Advisors
Most Rev. Eduardo Nevares

Diocese of Phoenix

Deacon Ernie Gonzales

(928) 246-2926 (M)


Sacred Heart (Prescott)


Lay Director *
Carmela Gonzales (2006) 

(928) 329-8248 (LL)


Sacred Heart (Prescott)

School of Leaders Chair *
Jim Pompe (#587) 

(602) 549-5492 (M)
Ss. Simon & Jude

Precursillo Chair ^

Bart Blaylock (#579)

(602) 690-4097


St. Thomas More

Bruce & Debi Wiskirchen
(480) 296-1212 (m)
(480) 368-2580 (h)
8532 E San Daniel Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ  85258

Three-Day Chair *
Deborah Hernandez (1979) 

St. Juan Diego, Chandler

Postcursillo Chair ^
Ted Cruz (#293) 

(480) 580-8899


St. Theresa

Treasurer *
Sophie Bejarano (#835) 
(602) 697-4006
Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery

Secretary ^
Sharon Matson (#544)

(623) 556-6077


St. Thomas More

Northern Arizona/Flagstaff Information

Carmela Gonzales (2006) 

(928) 329-8248 (LL)


Sacred Heart (Prescott)

Communication Chair 

Cecelia Dusold

(623) 297-8920


Diocese of Phoenix Spanish Weekends Information

Please contact Nelly Navarro (928) 600-2377


* Term ends 2024

^ Term ends 2026