Diocese of Phoenix Cursillo Movement

Teams in Formation/Candidates

Please pray for our teams in formation: Men's English #915 (October 4-7, 2018) and Women's English #916 (October 18-21, 2018) Don't forget to add your palanca HERE.


Men's English #915

October 4-7, 2018

Rector:  Jim Pompe, St. Thomas More

Co:  Joe Fairlie, St. Thomas Aquinas

Co:  Jerry Peña, St. Thomas Aquinas

Head Cook:  Marty Sprinzl, St. Anne

Co:  Nicholas Bellizzi, St. Timothy

Juan Camacho Jr, St. Clare of Assis

Carlos Cano, St. Thomas Aquinas

Nick Davis, St. Thomas the Apostle

Mark Denman, St. Thomas Aquinas

Armando Gutierrez, Queen of Peace

Greg Hall, Blessed Sacrament

Mick Kapanicas, Blessed Sacrament

Ken Kurtz,  St. Thomas Aquinas

Butch Mara, Blessed Sacrament

Richard Miller, St. Thomas More

Greg Morales, St. John Vianney

Gilbert Sanchez, St. John Vianney

Marcus Sevilla, St. Timothy

Joseph Sullivan, St. Catherine of Siena

Rob Yarbrough, St. Philip Benizi


Women's English #916

October 18-21, 2018

Rectora:  Tisa Williams

Co:  Angela Fairlie, St. Thomas Aquinas

Co:  Dee Yrique, St. Theresa

Head Cook:  Sharon Matson, St. Thomas More

Co:  Suzanne Tamargo, St. James

Mary Cano, St. Agnes

Sonia Cano, St. Thomas Aquinas

Bertie Chavez, St. Mary Basilica

Evelyn Cota, St. Mary, Chandler

Olivia Duarte, St.Thomas the Apostle

Cecelia Dusold, St. Helen

Michelle Goodwill, St. Anne

Debbie Hobaica, St. Gregory

Debbie Shugart, St. James

Annie Taylor, All Saints

Colleen Tucker, All Saints

Linda Voita, St. Thomas the Apostle

Cathie Zamora, St. Agnes

Also remember the Spanish Weekends in prayer:  Men's #913 (August 2-5, 2018) and Women's #914 (August 9-12, 2018)