Diocese of Phoenix Cursillo Movement

Teams in Formation/Candidates

Pray for the upcoming weekends in the fall!

Men's English #925 Oct. 3-6, 2019 Rector: Manny Yrique, St. Theresa

Women's English #926, Oct. Oct. 17-20   Rectora:  Cynthia Robles, St. John Vianney


Men's English Weekend #925

October 3-6, 2019

Manny Yrique, Rector

Rector:  Manny Yrique, St. Theresa

Co-Rector:  Gene Keller, St. Thomas the Apostle

Co-Rector:  Chuck Kolesar, St. Francis Xavier

Head Cook:  Doug Graham, St. Thomas the Apostle

Armando Banda, St. Catherine of Siena
David Barrios, St. Mary, Chandler
Aaron Blackburn, St. Agnes
Roy Blackburn, St. Agnes
Joe Bushard, St. Theresa
Stephen Bushard, St. Theresa
Luis Castro, St. Theresa
Ted Cruz, St. Theresa
Jerry Drumm, Our Lady of Joy
Dean Dwyer, St. Thomas the Apostle
Tim Gallagher, St. Matthew
Tom Gloria, St. Agnes
Peter Gonzales, Jr., St. Agnes
Ethan Graham, St. Thomas the Apostle
Tom House, St. Dominic Mission
Mike Keenan, St. Theresa
Mark Orcelletto, St. Luke
Jim Pappas, St. Mary Magdalene
Jim Pompe, St. Thomas More
David Roessler, St. Thomas the Apostle
Larry Sanchez, St. Agnes
Phil Sanchez, OLO Mount Carmel
Tony St. Angelo, St. Gabriel the Archangel
Matt Voita, St. Thomas the Apostle

Steve Voita, St. Thomas the Apostle
David Zeman, OLO Perpetual Help, Scts


Women's English Weekend #925

October 17-20, 2019

Rectora:  Cynthia Robles, St. John Vianney 
Co-Rectora:  Debbie Alcantar, Mater Misericordia 

Co-Rectora:  Pam Middleton, St. Thomas Aquinas
Head Cook:  Martha Sanchez, St. John Vianney 

Asst. Cook:  Pam Diaz, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Annie Taylor, All Saints
Mona Alcantar, Queen of Peace
Cindy Amos, St. Matthew
Lily Angulo, St. Matthew
Becky Ayala, St. Matthew
Maribel Barroso, St. John Vianney 
Wendy Bianco, Blessed Sacrament
Karen Boswell, St. Clare
Tina Cockrane, Queen of Peace Mesa
Sheila Drumm, Our Lady of Joy
Chris Garland, St. Francis Xavier
Bonnie Gonzalez, Queen of Peace 
Carmen Hernandez, St. John Vianney 
Aurora Hicks, St. Benedict
Teresa Lugo, St. Matthew
Barbara Moreno, Sacred Heart
Xochitl Ramirez, St. Catherine of Sienna
Milinda Sinohui, St. Thomas Aquinas
Colleen Tucker, All Saints