Diocese of Phoenix Cursillo Movement

Teams in Formation/Candidates

Pray for the upcoming weekends in the fall!

Men's English #925 Oct. 3-6, 2019 Rector: Manny Yrique, St. Theresa

Women's English #926, Oct. Oct. 17-20 Rectora: Cynthia Robles, St. John Vianney


Men's English Weekend #925

October 3-6, 2019

Theme:  To Jesus Through Mary

Song:  We are Called

Congratulations to our new Cursillistas!

Andres Aldana, St. Thomas the Apostle

Guillermo Anaya, Our Lady of Fatima Mission
Bryan Auman, St. Francis Xavier

Tony Baillargeon, Our Lady of Joy
Carter Benton, St. Francis Xavier
Dan Berger, St. Clare of Assisi
Kenneth Brown, St. Agnes
Blaise Butler, St. Thomas the Apostle
A.J. Carter, St. Thomas the Apostle
Tim Cavanagh, Our Lady of Perpetual Help
John Driscoll, Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Manuel Guevara, Our Lady of Fatima Mission
Rick Guzman, Our Lady of Fatima Mission
Michael Hammett, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

David Hernandez, Queen of Peace
John Keane, St. Francis Xavier
Juan Lara, St. Joseph, Tucson
George LeFlore, St. Clare of Assisi
Daniel Lopez, St. Agnes

Tobias Lopez, Sacred Heart, Phx
Gilbert Lucero, St. Catherine of Siena
Chris Martinez, St. John Vianney
John Mesa, Our Lady of Fatima Mission
Grant Meyers, St. Thomas the Apostle
Garrett Namenye, St. Maria Goretti

Fr. Tony Okolo, Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Leonard Pearson, Our Lady of Fatima Mission
Francisco Romero, Our Lady of Fatima Mission

Anthony St. Angelo, Our Lady of Joy
Michael Serpa, Our Lady of Fatima
Jose Sodari, St. Thomas Aquinas
Vic Tinelli, St. Helen's/St. Luke
Ernest Ybarra, Our Lady of Fatima Mission


Women's English Weekend #926

October 17-20, 2019

Theme:  To Know Him, To Love Him, 

To Serve Him

Candidates as of 10/13/2019

Rebecca Anaya, Our Lady of Fatima Mission

Kathy Berger, St. Clare of Assisi
Virginia Brown, St. Agnes
Ronnie Buchino, St. Thomas Aquinas
Sheila Cavanagh, OLPH, Scts

Angelita Estrada, St. Margaret
Paige Goetz, St. Mary, Chandler
Naomi Gutierrez, Queen of Peace

Linda Guzman, Queen of Peace
Patsy Lara, St. Joseph, Tucson

Rita Lopez, Sacred Heart
Santos Lucero, St. Gregory
Marlee Matchinsky, St. Agnes
Maria Olivas, St. Helen
Karen Richardson, All Saints
Cynthia Sodari, St. Thomas Aquinas
Bertha Whitby, St. Andrew the Apostle

Spiritual Directors/Advisors:  

Bishop Eduardo Nevares

Fr. Kilian McCaffrey, St. Elizabeth Seton

Sr. Lydia Armenta, Our Lady of Guadalupe

Deacon Jim Gall, Our Lady of Joy

Deacon Richard Kijewski, St. Thomas More

Deacon Craig Reaktenwalt, St. Elizabeth Seton


Rectora:  Cynthia Robles, St. John Vianney 
Co-Rectora:  Debbie Alcantar, Mater Misericordia 

Co-Rectora:  Pam Middleton, St. Thomas Aquinas
Head Cook:  Martha Sanchez, St. John Vianney 

Asst. Cook:  Pam Diaz, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Mona Alcantar, Queen of Peace
Cindy Amos, St. Matthew
Kathryn Andrzejczak, St. Bernadette

Lily Angulo, St. Matthew
Becky Ayala, St. Matthew 
Wendy Bianco, Blessed Sacrament
Christina Cockrane, Queen of Peace Mesa
Sheila Drumm, Our Lady of Joy

Ashlie Elizalde, St. Matthew

Victoria Elizalde, St. Matthew

Cindy Garcia, St. Mary, Chandler
Chris Garland, St. Francis Xavier
Carmen Hernandez, St. John Vianney 
Aurora Hicks, St. Benedict
Teresa Lugo, St. Matthew
Barbara Moreno, Sacred Heart

Sandy Navarro, Queen of Peace
Xochitl Ramirez, St. Catherine of Sienna

Bernadette Salgado, St. John Vianney
Milinda Sinohui, St. Thomas Aquinas
Annie Taylor, All Saints

Colleen Tucker, All Saints